About Phil

A bit about my Story


Growing up in Brisbane, I became a horticulturalist, garden designer and then moved towards media. I became the award-winning writer and broadcaster, with my recent book, Down to Earth Garden Design, which characterizes my approach to good gardening to be as is easy and enjoyable as you can.


As a seasoned traveller too, having travelled extensively across Europe and Asia in search of great sites, food, people and of course great gardens, I have a vast experience to draw into the garden life ...


Following short stints in architecture and business and a few years fronting a Sydney rock band, I finally gave in, succumbed to my true horticultural calling and haven't looked back.

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In the past 20 years, Phil has contributed to many of Australia's leading gardening magazines, written three books for ABC Books and worked as a TV Presenter on channel nine's Garden Guru's. He is currently the Horticultural Editor of ABC's Gardening Australia magazine and host of ABC Radio's good Gardening program. Phil is looking forward to meeting you.

As a qualified horticulturist and landscape designer, Phil has a way with words and as a gardening writer, presenter on radio and TV and a passionate environmental and grow-your-own-food campaigner, the public is eager to hear what he shares.

He believes that any positive environmental changes start in the home and local community and may be as simple as recycling your organic waste at home, starting a veggie patch or getting involved in local resource sharing initiatives.


Phil is the current horticultural editor of ABC Gardening Australia magazine and author of three top-selling books - The Garden Guru I & II, and Down-to-Earth Garden Design (ABC Books, Harper Collins). Phil is a talkback host on ABC Radio’s Good Gardening program and has received multiple national media awards for his work in radio and print.